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At the core of our platform is a competency-based method for testing and generating individual learning and development tracks for each and every employee in alignment with personal and corporate goals
Experience the JetSkills platform as:
At the core of our platform is a detailed SkillMap, designed and tailored to your specific needs. We have rigorously dissected each competence into skills and knowledge units and have created a meticulous construct that can truly individualise the learning experience
Use our predesigned SkillMaps, fit to cover the following areas of expertise
Have your own competency-based model?
Excellent! We will import your model into our system and ensure the same automated learning experience based on the model you see fit
Don’t have a competency-based model?
No worries. We will help you create one based on your goals and needs
Create both professional and psychological evaluations that help identify professional skill gaps and personal efficiency benchmarks for each and every employee
Professional Skills
Evaluate your professional skill level in accordance with your job requirements
Psychological Evaluation
Conduct a professionally developed psych evaluation in order to identify key personal growth areas
Create engaging courses using our set of user-friendly tools and instruments designed to power your learning experience. We have thought this through and you no longer need to waste valuable time — just pick which skills you need to develop and assign cause elements to them!
What if we already have courses and learning materials?
Perfect! We will help dissect your courses and localise them in our system using our SkillMap technology
What if we need to develop new courses?
No problem! We’ve been in online education for over 14 years and have the necessary experience and pedigree in order to help you develop online course material custom designed to your needs!
Stop paying for things you don’t need
Our on-demand approach allows you to pay only for the things you really need and only when you really need them. Any group can be split into any one of our predefined payment plans!
We will let you use our product free of charge if you help us in creating a content base by uploading your courses and making them available to others looking to expand their knowledge base
$2 to $10 per month / user
Full access to predesigned professional and pshychological tests

Real-time analytics and reporting

Report Editor

Individual learning tracks


SkillMap Editor
Sound intriguing?
While we refine our value proposition, get in touch with us so we can launch a pilot with your company and dedicate all of our time to meeting your specific needs
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